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Courtney & Debra White

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Courtney & Debra White

Reside in Buchanan, Georgia and are founding members of Victory Fellowship.

Courtney and Debra are the parents of Lindsey White Thomas and Lauren White Studymine.


What do you love about Victory Fellowship Church?

"The Praise and Worship."~Courtney

"The help that Victory gives to those who are not "a part" of Victory."~Debra


Favorite Bible Verse.

"Jeremiah 32:27"~Courtney

"The 23rd Psalm."~Debra


What do you do for fun?

"Play with grandson, sports, and gardening."~Courtney

"Spending time with Maddox(grandson)."~Debra


You are stranded on a deserted island. If you could take an item with you for survival what would it be?

"Picture of my grandson."~Courtney

"My Pillow."~ Debra


Favorite Praise and Worship/Hymn song.

"Amazing Grace"~Courtney

"Amazing Love"~Debra