What This Ministry Offers

IGNITE is not your ordinary children's choir!

We like to take it to the extreme!

Kids ages 4-12 are invited to join us each week as we IGNITE that thing that God has put inside all of us....

Our goal is to go to the extreme in helping children to become fully devoted followers of Christ! There are many ways for kids to be fully involved! We use high-energy praise and worship music, drama, games, and multimedia.

IGNITE meets Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 6:45. Check the church newsletter for further details. 

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTcZw2c9Sz0  Call Me Maybe Commercial for IGNITE

http://youtu.be/XcXH5rIkOCA   Watch IGNITE's Harlem Shake video!

http://youtu.be/m4hCUQv7aSM Check out the "Christmas Shoe Tree"!

http://youtu.be/_Alce2T2pQM Easter Experience