HCMS Backpack Program

HCMS Backpack Program

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HCMS Backpack Program – Food for kids over the weekend


More kids than ever need help with food to help them make it over the weekend with out being hungry. Bags are handed out through the councilors’ office on Fridays. We have more kids signed up to participate in the program than we can serve at this point so the kids are given bags on a rotating basis, trying to get a bag to each student at least once every other week. Those that  the councilors know have the greatest need are served every week if possible. Everything that goes into the bag needs to be single servings, and able to be prepared by the students themselves. It is OK to include microwave able food, where there is a child who does not have access to a microwave or power, the councilors switch and swap and create a bag specifically for that child.  Use your best judgment when preparing a bag for a student but please remember that in some extreme cases, what you put in this one grocery bag is all that a child will have available to them to eat for 3 days! You should be able to put together a good bag for $7 - $10. You may, however, have to buy for several weeks at a time or go in together with other people and do several bags at once. Most of the single serving food comes packaged 4 or more per package. Try and include a variety of things in each bag. Its OK if the bags are the same or nearly the same from week to week, it will most likely be a different child getting the bag from you anyway. We can include cards in the bags if we wish so that the student knows that the bag came from our church.

   The bags will need to be at church by Wednesday for Tammy Thompson to take to school on Thursday for Friday distribution. 


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